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Bookmarks might not be the most exciting feature of Revu, but they are serious time savers and bring quality-of-use benefits to everyone when applied to documents with lots of pages. Some PDF documents come with pre-defined Bookmarks that were exported from other software like Word, AutoCAD or Revit. To create new ones, you can get Revu too auto create bookmarks based on page labels or designated areas on a document. It’s a good idea to create page labels if your document doesn’t have them and this can also be automated using the Automark function.
To manually add Bookmarks to specific pages you can just go the page and click ‘Add Bookmark’ (It’s the icon of a bookmark with a plus next to it) from the Bookmarks Panel. You can use Bookmarks data and export to a report allowing you create a simple Table of Contents that is hyperlinked to each page. Use the Bookmarks Panel menu and select ‘Export’ for options.
You can also get Revu to check your Bookmark links after creation to make sure that they are still pointing to files and folders correctly. You can select this in the Bookmarks Panel menu under ‘Audit Bookmarks’.
For Revu Extreme users there is a Bookmark Structure function. This allows you pre-define the items and structure that should appear in a set of Bookmarks. If you regularly use document sets with specific pages and link requirements this can help you setup the bookmarks more quickly. Revu has a built in Structure but you can customise it to your needs. For more information on Structures look here: https://support.bluebeam.com/online-help/revu2019/Content/RevuHelp/Menus/Window/Panels/Bookmarks/Bookmarks-Structure.htm