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Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu 20 is a feature rich, professional grade PDF software package, containing over 300 advanced functions. It is built for AEC, business and power users. Bluebeam's power and depth of functionality makes it far more advanced than a majority of competing solutions.
Bluebeam Revu Software Software for Australian AEC

Bluebeam Revu Versions

Bluebeam Revu software is available in 3 Microsoft Windows compatible versions: Standard, CAD and Extreme. There is an iPad App to use while away from the office (search Bluebeam from the App store), and enterprise server solutions. Every Bluebeam license comes with complimentary cloud services for file sharing and group projects.

Advanced Collaboration

Greater flexibility and control with streamlined Studio Sessions and Projects. Increased security via advanced Session permissions. Faster set-up via multiple collaborator invitations.

Markup Filter

More effective management of project data. Easier access to Markup data through enhancements to the Markups List. Effectively track, manage and interpret data captured on your drawings and documents. Ensure better project decisions using precise and accurate data.


Achieve better communication through improvements to Markups, such as Callout and Text Box. Add multiple leaders to a call out and text box, and a new hexagon shaped text box and much more.

Line Styles

Improvements to measurement tools with new line styles, that allow you customise Linear and Area Measurement tools. Ssave time, add context and ensure accuracy when taking measurements.

Tool Finder

Easier access to functionality with a new tool finder. This works with you to speed-up your workflow, with fast access to all tools.

Faster Rendering

Save time with faster loading and interaction of Markup-heavy documents.
More Bluebeam Features

Advanced Document Scaling Tools

Automatic prompt to set the scale on documents, and set the scale for documents across a custom page range. Option to select pre-set metric scales embedded into the calibration dialogue and measurements tab.

Thumbnails Display Scale

See from the thumbnails tab the exact scale, set to each page, to easily identify the different sheet types.

Independent Measurement Units

Dynamically set independent measurement units directly from the Properties Tool Bar. Add depth, pitch and slope to individual measurements from the dynamic toolbar.

Dynamic Measurement Totals

Easily see all of the totals of your measurement in the interface. Detach the Measurement Totals to display all totals for the current measurement.

Configuration Manager

MSI packages ship with the new enterprise-ready configuration tool. Quickly and easily streamline the deployment across your organisation, just select the parameters and the package is complete.

Create, edit, markup and manage PDFs

Easily add markups, comments, change notices, edits, callouts, pictures or tags to PDFs.

Advanced Measurement Tools

Utilise an extensive collection of measurement tools engineered for more accurate and faster calculations, such as Slope, Rise/Drop, Width and Height, and the new Poly-length tool.

Customisable Tool Chests and Markups List

Delete, flatten and assign live markups to layers. View, filter, export, import and sort markups and comments in Markups list. Erase and cut PDF content, plus insert hyperlinks (multi-select and edit locations) with Links. Generate PDF, Excel and XML summaries.

Plugins for 2D and 3D PDFsView and manage expansive 3D model metadata with intuitive tools that enable search, filtering, colour modification and exporting.

OCR+ and Automatic Form Creation

Convert image based PDFs (a scan of a physical sheet of paper with writing on it) into a fully searchable text version (like a word document). Create embedded forms to give your PDFs interactivity.

Batch Link, Slip Sheet and Quantity Link

Quickly apply a digital signature, professional seal and date across a batch of multiple files without the hassle of opening and signing individual pages.

Cloud and mobile addons

Use the free Cloud Studio for collaboration. Upload files to the cloud, edit with the iPad App and sync PDFs locally for offline editing.

Engineered for Engineers

Bluebeam Revu is a robust, enterprise grade software solution with a strong development roadmap. Bluebeam Revu is cloud enabled and team collaboration ready, making it perfect for this new era of adaptive working. Bluebeam enables you to work remotely onsite, and then seamlessly transition back to your office desktop. All in all, Bluebeam is the most comprehensive project focused PDF solution available today.
  • Business Grade PDF with 300+ Advanced Features
  • Handle Complex Tasks Easily
  • Windows, iPad, Cloud
  • Built for AEC Professionals
  • Estimation, Autofill and Takeoffs
  • AutoCAD©, Revit©, SolidWorks© Integration
  • OCR and Digital Signatures
Bluebeam Software Screenshot Gallery
[{"title":"Find Tools and Commands","description":"New to Revu 20 an intuitive search option that helps you quickly find the tools you need to get the job done fast.","file":"image2.png"},{"title":"Bluebeam Studio Sessions","description":"Gain clarity and accountability. Markup at the same time together using Studio Sessions, automatically track all comments.","file":"image3.png"},{"title":"Markups List Filters","description":"New in Revu 20, quickly see the latest edits and updates with improved Markups List filters.","file":"image4.png"},{"title":"Bluebeam Studio Projects","description":"Store and manage entire projects in the cloud using Studio Projects and invite teammates from anywhere to edit.","file":"image5.png"},{"title":"Markup and Measure","description":"Finish the job faster with newly improved PDF markup and measurement tools.","file":"image6.png"},{"title":"Revu Capture","description":"Embed images and videos to Revu markups, bring clarity and context to markups from the site to the office.","file":"image7.png"},{"title":"Bluebeam Revu Toolchest","description":"Customise Markup Tools in Revu for more clarity, filter, search and export based on what you need when you need it.","file":"image8.png"}]

Mindsystems Value Adds

Mindsystems offers a comprehensive range of value added services to extend and enhance Bluebeam. Custom training solutions, development services, large scale deployments and corporate account management are just some of the value added extras we can provide. Mindsystems is the most experienced Bluebeam partner in our region, and our software engineers have been supporting Bluebeam users in Australia and New Zealand since 2005.
  • Responsive Local Support
  • Flexible Licensing and Annual Maintenance Plans
  • Experienced Dedicated Account Managers
  • Qualified Software Engineers for Support
  • Worldwide User Community
Mindsystems is a Bluebeam Platinum Partner