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Mindsystems provides a range of value added services focused around Nitro Pro PDF technology and Paperless Office software. We have the capacity to scale solutions up or down as required, ensuring solutions are always tailored perfectly to your requirements.

Mindsystems Software Training

Reduce the learning curve with a personal training session from one of our friendly and experienced Nitro Pro experts. All you need is 1 hour, Nitro Pro, the desire to learn more, your computer and a phone. If you have a group of people, we can easily scale up the session to a full workshop, held either online or onsite. We provide a comprehensive introduction to the interface, all the major features, common use cases and ideas for using in a business environment. We conduct the training in a fluid way that encourages the session to quickly move onto topics that are relevant to how you will be using the software. Because our trainers have such a depth of knowledge, the session can go into almost any topic area. You are encouraged to actively ask questions as topics are covered. It is also recommended that you prepare any questions you may have prior to the session to make sure the session can be efficiently targeted to your needs.

Mindsystems Development

Being in business means needing to utilise multiple systems to achieve your goals. Very often, software vendors create a one size fits all solution, and your workflows are expected to bend around these designs. The ability to customise solutions, integrate into existing platforms and adapt technology to your specific needs delivers a genuine competitive advantage. The same degree qualified software engineers that provide Platinum Support for your software purchases, are also able to deliver professional development services to your business. With an average of 11 years of advanced experience each, our team has the ability to develop new custom solutions using: PDF and advanced form/document software, Microsoft technologies such as C# and .NET, emerging solutions such as Universal Apps, Web technologies including PHP and HTML5, native iOS and OSX development, native Android development and advanced API integrations.

Consulting and Support

We break down barriers and build solutions in their place. We are passionate about helping businesses reach their productivity goals. We move beyond basic software deployment, supporting your business with same business day expert support. Rolling out software to a large team is made so much easier by our professional Account Management services. Managing license usage, performing moves, upgrading and auditing are all handled for you at no additional cost. As we build a relationship with your business, our Account Managers actively listen to new requirements and look for ways to improve workflows. Our helpdesk team can support your staff on a wide variety of PDF, visual mapping and productivity solutions. You might need a template fixed, a suggestion on how to plan something or just some advice on how to best leverage your technology... regardless, you'll receive consistent professional support from Mindsystems every time.

Mindsystems Partners

Participation in the Mindsystems Partner Program opens up a world of opportunity for B2B providers looking to extend their product range. For consultants in the AEC industry, partnership with Mindsystems allows you to offer a variety of products and services, while always having access to responsive local support. Enjoy the benefit of a mature reseller business model and the experience of a parent provider that has succeeded in this arena for over 15 years. Due to the technical nature of Mindsystems product range, it is important to have competent support backing you up. Mindsystems provides this to you, enabling you to confidently offer the full product range to your clients. Product margins are assigned on an individual basis and are measured against your ability to access target markets.