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What is MindManager?

Mindjet MindManager is a business grade mind mapping, brainstorming and planning tool that can be used to manage projects, map out complex ideas and help develop new concepts. The software provides you with a personalised visual interface that you can use to fluidly map out your ideas and tasks as you think of them. As the leader in mind mapping solutions, Mindsystems and Mindjet MindManager can help you handle complex projects with ease.

What is MindMapping software all about?

Mind Mapping applications are a type of software used to sort and visually manage complex information. If you are working on multiple tasks, managing a difficult project or need to communicate complex ideas to others then Mind Mapping could be the answer. MindManager's core value is that it helps you record complex information visually, to ensure maximum memory retention and understanding. MindManager enables you to quickly map out complex information, and then easily spot relationships between ideas that you may have otherwise missed.
  • Brainstorm new ideas visually
  • Manage projects visually
  • Windows, Mac, Mobile, Cloud
  • Deliver visual presentations
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility
  • Create visual project maps
  • Capture and embed data
  • Set task goals and priorities
  • See relationships between tasks
  • See progress in Gantt charts
  • Responsive Support
  • Variety of license options
  • Mindsystems Account Management
  • Apps for handsets and Tablets
  • Worldwide User Community

How does MindManager software work?

MindManager works by visually arranging information into an easy to manage mind map, you are able to understand and work with much larger volumes of information than is normally possible using conventional methods. Once your MindManager map is assembled, you can convert the information into any number of common formats such as Word documents, web pages, project plans, email or even exchange data in spreadsheets. Traditionally mind maps have been utilised by educators, business leaders and project managers to efficiently plan tasks and communicate complex ideas to others. MindManager takes the essence of this trusted method and makes it accessible to everyone. MindManager enables you to take advantage of advanced visual planning techniques in a just few clicks.

Why is MindManager the best software app for mapping?

Mindjet MindManager contains an unmatched array of advanced features and mind mapping tools. No other visual mapping solution comes close to the breadth and depth of functionality found in MindManager. Already deployed in more than 60% of the worlds top 2000 companies, and accepted by more than 1 million registered users globally, MindManager is the visual planning tool of choice. Using the proven MindManager mapping method, your ideas are communicated easily and even the most complex tasks are broken down into manageable elements.

Does Mindsystems have any extra training options available?

Mindsystems provides MindManager onsite and remote training by accredited professionals. As a Mind Mapping centric training provider, we have over 15 continuous years experience in helping people benefit from mind mapping software. Mind Mapping can have a immediate and positive impact on your business productivity, and as a result your bottom line. We are sure of this because we have been helping companies, large and small, realise these gains since 1998. Since 1998 we have been helping companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Telstra, AFP, Spark (Telecom NZ) and the Reserve Bank of Australia leverage the power of Mindjet MindManager software. When understood and used to full effect, businesses equipped with Mindjet MindManager software see tangible gains in productivity and creative problem solving. Information is shared more easily, complex ideas are understood between departments with less 'human' error, and on an individual level employees experience greater levels of productivity. If you regularly experience productivity loss due to misunderstanding between team members or lack of creative thinking / problem solving, Mind Mapping training with Mindsystems is the ideal kick-starter toward business transformation.

MindManager Versions

Mindjet MindManager is available for Windows, Mac and mobile. The software is purchased as a permanent license or via a yearly ongoing subscription. MindManager enables teams to work more efficiently by opening up each person's natural creativity, helping groups to share ideas, to reach common understanding and to foster better communication through easy exchange of ideas. The following MindManager versions are available.

MindManager Windows

Mindjet MindManager for Windows is the ultimate business mapping solution. It allows you too quickly and easily map out new ideas, plan projects and see complex information in a visual format. MindManager combines a wide variety of features, easy to use interface and an impressive array of enterprise level export/import functions.

MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise enables the rollout of MindManager to the entire organisation. If you value the power and efficiency visual project management can bring to your business, MindManager Enterprise is the ideal way to deploy the software to every person in your team. MindManager Enterprise is designed for a predominately Windows based corporate network.

MindManager Mac

MindManager Mac is the leading visual planning and mapping solution for macOS. It will help you think creatively, save time, become better organised and communicate complex ideas effectively to others. MindManage Mac combines the power of the MindManager platform with the sophistication of the Apple operating environment.

MindManager Pricing

In Australia and New Zealand, Mindsystems provides competitive volume pricing and bundled support packages for teams of 3 or more. Please contact us for a quote, group training options or more Mindjet MindManager information.
Outside Australia and New Zealand, we will refer you to a Mindjet MindManager reseller or distributor to obtain the best pricing in your local currency. Contact us for further details. To purchase Mindjet MindManager software, please call 1300 200 555.

MindManager Free Trial

MindManager is available as a trial for 30 days. The trial begins from the moment you install the software. During the trial period, all the functions will be available for you to test. For installation assistance please contact our support team.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 8.1, 10 or Apple Mac 10.10+ required. Computer: 4 GB RAM, 1 GHz or higher processor and approx 3 GB of free disk space.

Ready to download?

Click the green button below to get started. You'll be taken to a MindManager registration page to activate your trial account. This is a necessary step before you can trial MindManager. Follow all prompts onscreen, and read everything carefully as there are several options during your trial.