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Based in Melbourne, Australia since 1998.

Starting as a small software consultancy in the Melbourne suburbs in 1998, Mindsystems has grown to support thousands of businesses in the Asia Pacific region. We focus exclusively on technology that boosts productivity. We want our clients to work smarter, not harder. Mindsystems specialises in PDF, CAD, diagramming, office productivity and visual mapping software. Mindsystems also provides value added training and development services around these core technologies, to a diverse range of Australian and New Zealand business sectors.

Mindsystems software is an asset, not an expense.

Software is like any other business investment, if backed by the right support and used in the right way, the investment will return real productivity gains that far exceed the initial cost. Mindsystems provides so much more than simple software sales, we support our users comprehensively. We have a team of software training and support engineers that will provide same day support at no additional cost. Software purchased via Mindsystems is never delivered 'as is', it is always backed by expert support, and a large array of value added services to help you maximise your productivity.

Consistency, Experience and Stability.

Dedicated professional support is like insurance, you never realise the true value until you actually need it. Once you experience the difference expert support makes, you would never be without it. If you have ever had to deal with 'retail' or 'transactional' software companies on complicated issues, or even small companies without expertise, you will appreciate the value of knowledgeable support. We provide support that is accountable, contactable, responsive and equipped to answer all your questions. We enable you to confidently roll out software knowing you are backed by one of the software industry's most knowledgeable teams.

Quick Facts

  • Continuous operation since 1998, with a bright future ahead.
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia supporting clients in Australia, Asia Pacific, US and Canada.
  • Trusted partner to some of Australia's largest AEC and technology sector organisations.
  • In-house degree qualified software engineers and trainers, with extensive support experience.
  • More than just technology sales, ability to do advanced development, support and integration.
  • Established reputation in the software industry for professional service delivery and ethical conduct.
  • We are active contributors to key industry associations.
  • Capacity to deliver small to large scale software deployments and training.
  • Extensive enterprise and government deployment experience.

Find your ideal solution.

Our team can customise a solution to your specific requirements. With 18+ years experience deploying software to many of APAC's largest organisations, we have the depth of experience to identify areas of efficiency, and help you discover the most cost effective licensing options.