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Mindsystems provides customised onsite and online training to help your team become more productive. We offer unique, motivating courses that challenge the 'boredom' factor often encountered in corporate training, to deliver results that last. With 25 years of accredited experience at our disposal, our trainers are able to draw on a wealth of resources to ensure outstanding results. We offer a variety of training packages, with our most successful programmes listed below.

Mindsystems Training Capabilities

  • Bluebeam Certified Courses, endorsed with certificates of completion.
  • Workflow specific training and AEC focused workshops.
  • Quick Start online training sessions, one-to-one or group Webinar.
  • Manufacturing Industry specific usage and consultation.
  • Paperless Office skills / productivity training.
  • Brainstorming and Communication Workshops.

Unleash Bluebeam's Potential

Bluebeam is an intuitive application, however the real productivity gains occur when it is adapted to your specific way of doing business. Our certified Bluebeam training avoids the accidental learning of inefficient workflows, and gets the whole organisation off to an accelerated start. Our surveys indicate that for an employee regularly using Bluebeam software, competent and appropriate use of Bluebeam first time around, will result in a minimum time saving of 6.5 weeks based on a 40 week year.

Learning Outcomes

This training will ensure your staff integrate Bluebeam into their daily workflows with expertise, and eliminate the possibility of poor process dampening your productivity. Bluebeam Revu is a software application with hundreds of features and uses. Onsite training ensure that your employees can leverage all of those features in a way that is relevant to the work they are performing, and to the specific goals of the company. By engaging early in direct instructor lead training, you change your software investment from a useful asset to a focal point of productivity that delivers a rapid ROI.

Delivery Modes

Onsite at your premises or remotely via Webinar technology. The recommended onsite programme is 1 day, with half day sessions available for those who find it hard to schedule all attendees for a full day. We also deliver an advanced 2 day programme. Online sessions typically run for 1 hour 30 minutes, with group Webinars lasting up to 2 hours depending on requirements.